The joint stock company KLEMENT a.s. has been on the market since 1990. During the first quarter of a century of its existence, the company established itself as a reliable partner / general contractor of construction and technology units.

One of the pillars of our company’s successful development is the revival of the famous brand TRANSPORTA.  We are building on the results of the traditional monopoly producer of a large portfolio of products and services under the registered trademarks, the sole owner of which is KLEMENT a.s.

Of the wide range of achievements of TRANSPORTA both on the domestic market and abroad, we focus mainly on transport technologies and the landfill of bulk materials; especially on the long-distance belt transport of performance groups TC1 – TC3, including related technological equipment (hoppers, trippers, delivery caterpillar trucks, etc.).

KLEMENT a.s. manages and archives the entirety of TRANSPORTA’s project documentation.  This documentation is great advantageous for us in terms of technical preparation and the implementation of projects, and has often been used in investment projects for power engineering (e.g.  Prunerov power plant – transport of VEP to the North Quarry disposal site; ETI – Adjustments to coaling technology to reduce dust; PS01 – Modifications of coaling technology for dust nuisance reduction; Reconstruction and upgrade of technological transport at SD a.s., the mines of Bilina, and the Sokolov Coal Joint Stock Company).

KLEMENT a.s. will gladly provide the aforementioned documentation for the purpose of maintenance, repair, replacement and reconstruction of the various elements of the technologies described above.

The benefit of the cooperation offered is a comprehensive solution:  the connection of the still relevant project documentation with our own manufacturing base (tooling and manufacture of steel structures), and with an experienced team of experts in the field of project development, production and implementation.


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